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The additional contributions of some health insurance companies lead to a loss of membership.

The additional contributions of some health insurance companies lead to a loss of membership, especially for smaller insurance companies. According to a dpa survey, around 400,000 insured have already changed health insurance or will do so in the near future. Small health insurance companies in particular are severely affected by members' willingness to change. For example, the "BKK health care professions" are experiencing "dramatic declines" in the number of members. A spokesman for the "BKK Heilberufe" reports that about 50,000 layoffs have been received. The BKK is currently charging a monthly additional contribution of up to 35 euros. At the beginning of the year, the BKK had a membership of 170,000. Conversely, this means that the statutory health insurance companies, which require additional contributions from their members, are now facing even greater financial difficulties because they are losing their contribution payers.

Other company health insurance funds are also affected by members' willingness to change. So far, 2500 cancellations have been received at the "Joint BKK". That is a lot if you compare how many members this health insurance company has. Because at the "Common BKK" just 29,000 members are health insured. There is also a strong decline in membership among German employee health insurance (DAK). But at the "DAK" one apparently would rather not announce the numbers. Terminations are granted, but no further figures are given.

Although the statutory health insurance company now has the bitter experience that the members run away from the additional contributions collected, other health insurance companies are also planning additional contributions. From mid-April, the KKH alliance also wants to charge a flat fee of eight euros from the insured. It can be assumed that the KKH alliance will also experience that a large number of the members will then leave the health insurance company. Nevertheless, you are relaxed. After a few terminations, the normal level will return to normal, according to a KKH-Allianz spokeswoman.

While some are affected by an enormous loss of members, the statutory health insurance companies benefit, which do not require additional contributions. The Techniker health insurance (TK) has already received 121,000 membership applications and the Barmer GEK 113,000 membership applications. In the meantime, some health insurance companies advertise on the Internet that they do not charge any additional contributions.

The consumer advice centers assume that people with a low income are more likely to switch health insurance than others. It can also be observed that the Argen Hartz IV recipients ask recipients to change their health insurance if additional contributions are made. Only in a few exceptional cases is it possible for the offices to bear the additional costs. (sb, April 2, 2010)

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