How do you recognize fresh meat?

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Tips for buying meat

How do you recognize fresh meat? Tips for healthy meat shopping.

(04.08.2010) Even if most (critical) consumers should have been aware of it for a long time, the consumer center Baden-Württemberg warns again of eating sweet smelling, sticky or greenish meat. Fresh meat should generally be odorless and its surface should not be sticky or greasy, Christiane Manthey from the consumer advice center told the "world". In addition, a slightly greenish discolouration of the meat is a clear sign that durability is no longer guaranteed here. Especially during the barbecue season in summer, a number of consumables are slightly unsettled in front of the meat counters. However, if you follow a few simple tips, you don't have to worry about the edibility of your evening grill steak, even in hot weather.

In addition to choosing the right meat, it is essential that the cold chain is maintained as well as possible after purchase. After shopping, this means going straight home and storing the meat in your home fridge. On particularly hot days it can also be worth taking a cool bag or the like with you for transport. However, since the color and smell of the product do not always clearly indicate whether the product is still fresh (e.g. marinated meat or meat treated with an oxygen-gas mixture), the consumer advice center and the consumer information service when shopping, advise the retailer of yours To seek confidence. In other words: buy where you have already had good experience. If you as a consumer still feel misled and the quality of the products does not meet your expectations, the consumer advice center advises that you contact the official food control in the responsible veterinary offices immediately so that future violations are avoided.

Other tips for healthy meat shopping are:
The best quality and at the same time the cheapest organic product is the meat directly from the organic farmer. However, larger quantities usually have to be purchased here. H. one should team up with several like-minded people or prepare for a certain stockpile.

Organic butchers also generally offer high quality and often still slaughter themselves and keep the entire range of meat and sausage products in stock, although the prices here are usually correspondingly higher.,

In organic shops and supermarkets, organic meat counters are rather rare and the meat is usually chilled and packaged, with many supermarkets offering their own meat brands. However, the range of products is usually very limited. (fp)

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