Diet can prevent kidney stones

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Health: Whole foods and diet can prevent kidney stones.

Painful kidney stones can be prevented with a special diet, according to an American study. The healthy diet consisted mainly of vegetables, low-fat milk products and fruit. The composition of the diet was actually developed to lower high blood pressure. Kidney colic as a result of kidney stones can cause severe and severe pain.

According to a US study, a reduced-fat and plant-based diet can protect against kidney stones. The diet plan was specially developed to lower high blood pressure. In the course of the study, it was found that the diet not only reduced blood pressure, but also prevented the formation of health-threatening crystals in the kidney. The food plan consisted mainly of vegetables, fruit, low-fat milk products and whole foods. Participants were prohibited from eating sugared sweet drinks, sausages and red meat such as beef or lamb during the course of the study. A comparison group continued to eat “normally”.

The amount of urine excreted was measured during the study. Although all subjects consumed the same amount of drink, those who passed the nutritional plan excreted more urine. In addition, the urine contained a higher proportion of the active ingredient citrate. The natural substance citrate demonstrably protects against kidney stones and thus prevents acute renal colic. The blood pressure could also be reduced.

A total of 3,500 people took part in the Harvard University study. The results were published in the specialist journal "Clinical Journal of the American Society Nephrology". (sb, Sep 19, 2010)

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