Butzbach: water contaminated with bacteria

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Butzbach: water contaminated with bacteria. Citizens are asked to boil the water before consumption.

The series of reports about contaminated drinking water does not stop. In an examination of the drinking water in Butzbach, health authorities found coliform bacteria in the water. The contaminated water affects the districts of Nieder-Weisel, Ostheim, Hausen, Oes, Hoch-Weisel, Fauerbach, Wiesental, Münster, Bodenrod, and Espa in the neighboring community of Langgöns. As a government spokeswoman said, the population is asked to boil water before drinking or to use mineral water from the trade.

The water must be boiled for at least three minutes before drinking, brushing your teeth, or preparing food. The all-clear should not be given until next week. "Until then, the citizens still have to boil the tap water," warned the health department responsible, Ottmar Lich. Inquiries can be made to the authorities on the specially configured telephone hotline Tel: 06031-19296. Nothing is known about the exact causes of the contamination.

Coliform bacteria are the bacterial genera of Escherichia coli and other lactose-splitting enterobacteria. Coli bacteria are an integral part of the intestinal flora, but the bacteria outside the intestine can lead to serious illnesses "in the wrong place". The germs can lead to urinary tract infections, peritonitis and even meningitis in newborns. Therefore, the warning from the authorities should be taken seriously. (sb, Oct 8, 2010)

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