Everyday stress: More and more people dope themselves

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Everyday doping is increasing: more and more people are taking sleeping pills or performance-enhancing drugs.

More and more people are taking sleeping pills, Viagra or supposedly performance-enhancing medicines. Due to the constantly increasing stress and pressure to perform in our society, many people seek their salvation in over-the-counter medicines. But the health and psychological consequences can be fatal to consumers.

Stress and pressure to perform in everyday life
In professional life, but also in private life, most people are required to perform more and more. Many people try to balance the increasing burdens with taking medication. Such a type of “doping” has long become a mass phenomenon in the United States and is becoming increasingly prevalent in Germany. Medicines such as sleeping pills and sedatives, Ritalin or Viagra are taking more and more people in Germany, as the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Physicians announced. Except for Ritalin, such remedies are freely available in pharmacies. The consumers want to increase their concentration, memory or physical and sexual performance. At a symposium in Stuttgart, Christoph von Ascheraden from the Chamber Committee for Addiction Medicine warned that people would “risk their identity” if they wanted to use pharmaceuticals to deal with everyday problems. Even if the remedies are over the counter, they have numerous side effects. There is also considerable potential for addiction, especially with sleeping pills.

Drugs on the Internet
Access to so-called “soft drugs” is also considerably simplified on the Internet. Highly effective medicines such as Valium or Ritalin can be purchased in dubious online pharmacies. But doctors also always recklessly advise patients to take medication. A problem that the expert therefore sees in the medical profession. For example, there are "extensive diagnoses" for mild depressive moods / episodes. Psychotropic drugs are then often prescribed, although gentle natural remedies or relaxation exercises could help.

Ritalin is used to improve performance
A very serious problem is the careless use of Ritalin (active ingredient methylphenidate). As such, the drug is prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, more and more children, adolescents and adults are taking the medication themselves lightly without having been prescribed by a doctor. Many expect self-medication to increase their concentration and performance. However, the health consequences can be fatal: those affected can experience personality changes, listlessness, depression or dependency. Physical complaints are also not excluded. (sb, Nov 18, 2010)

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