Health authority closed Berlin restaurants

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Lack of hygiene: Health authorities and police closed Berlin restaurants. In one case, an investigation was initiated.

A total of nine Berlin restaurants were searched on Tuesday by inspectors from the restaurant supervision of the Berlin-Mitte district office and the police. The affected bars were all on Soldiner Strasse and Koloniesstrasse. A restaurant had to be closed immediately due to extreme hygiene deficiencies.

During the large-scale inspection of the nine restaurants, the inspectors discovered numerous violations. At a restaurant on Soldiner Strasse, blatant violations of the legal hygiene standards were identified. As evidence, the rotary meat skewer was confiscated by the police, as a government spokesman said. A bar in Koloniestrasse had to be closed immediately, because the hygiene conditions there were no longer responsible for health issues related to the authorities.

In another pub, the police met a 37-year-old man who was wanted with a warrant. The person found was immediately handed over to the judicial authorities. Apparently not a single restaurant had no violations. According to the district office, violations of the non-smoking and youth protection law were found above all. In some restaurants, the food hygiene regulations were not complied with. A total of ten administrative offenses, 11 administrative fines and an investigation were initiated. With the action of the district office, hygiene deficiencies were to be discovered and punished immediately. (sb)

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