Doctors prescribe too many antibiotics

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Doctors prescribe too many antibiotics. Resistance and thus ineffectiveness of the antibiotic active ingredients threaten.

According to current evaluations by the AOK Scientific Institute (WIdO), doctors in Germany too often prescribe antibiotics. Although antibiotics do not work in the case of a flu infection, many doctors still prescribe antibiotic active ingredients. In the opinion of the scientific institute, this promotes the resistance of antibiotics, so that in the future numerous drugs will no longer be effective.

The scientific institute of the AOK health insurance company (WIdO) warns against the overuse of antibiotic drugs. Although the drugs only work for bacterial infections, many doctors prescribe antibiotics as a panacea, for example, for mild flu. The diagnosis is often not sufficiently assured, and yet the doctors prescribe the antibiotic active ingredients. In view of this inflationary prescription practice, health experts predict a massive increase in antibiotic resistance, so that numerous bacterial infections can only be combated with very strong means in the future or an antibiotic will no longer be effective in many diseases. Due to the fact that antibiotics are handled in a leading manner, experts are calling for new laws to regulate prescription and dosage in the future.

An antibiotic is often given to children in particular
Children in particular are particularly often given antibiotics, even though there is only a mild flu infection or a runny nose. The affected children usually only suffer from a sore throat, runny nose and cough, the symptoms of which could also be alleviated with natural home remedies. Nevertheless, many pediatricians prescribe a 10-day course of antibiotic medication. Home remedies or gentle remedies are hardly ever administered. According to the AOK Institute, every child up to the age of ten was prescribed antibiotic therapy for at least six days. Around three million children in Germany were even given the antibiotic medication over a period of 14 days.

Last year alone, doctors prescribed about 40.6 million antibiotics worth 760 million euros. Family doctors, internists, and pediatricians most often issue prescription prescriptions for penicillin and other antibiotic medications. Germany is not yet at the top in a European comparison. In France, the active ingredients are prescribed more often by doctors. Scientists have already observed some resistance here. If inflationary prescription practice continues in Germany, patients in this country are at risk of developing a high level of resistance.

Home remedies for mild colds
Well-tried, yet highly effective home remedies help with mild infections. Naturopathy knows numerous possible uses as an alternative to antibiotics to support the body's immune system. Natural remedies have proven their worth especially in the case of cough, runny nose and other colds. (sb)

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