DGB presents concept for long-term care insurance

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German trade union federation presents concept for citizen insurance care

In its reform concept for long-term care insurance presented in Berlin today, the DGB federal executive board proposes "long-term care insurance". "The increasing need for care calls for a solidary answer, so that people in need of care and nursing staff as well as contributors and local authorities are protected against overload," said Annelie Buntenbach, DGB board member, on Thursday in Berlin. The DGB therefore proposes to expand the nursing care insurance to a "citizen insurance nursing care" in order to fund the necessary care needs in solidarity and to keep the burden on the contributor in the long term within narrow limits.

According to DGB calculations, the contribution rate would have to be raised to 2.8 percentage points in 2014 without a financial reform in order to finance the increasing need for care, the necessary dynamization of care services and the consideration of dementia patients. However, the DGB proposal for a "long-term care insurance" can limit the necessary premium increase to 2.45 percentage points by 2030. "Due to the 'citizen insurance nursing', the contribution rate in 2030 is even below the government's forecast, with the difference that the improvement in nursing services is guaranteed in the long term," said Annelie Buntenbach.

The cornerstones of the DGB concept for 'long-term care insurance' are the inclusion of private long-term care insurance in a financial equalization, the consideration of capital income, an adjustment of the contribution ceiling and the tax financing of pension contributions for caring relatives.

Annelie Buntenbach warned the coalition against artificially calculating the need for care in order to present a new wave of stress to the insured. "If the Federal Government does not take sufficient account of future care needs, the dependency on social assistance will increase again in the case of care. Then the municipalities will face a new wave of pollution. The goal of the upcoming care reform must be to avoid such a collapse in care, ”explained the DGB board member. The Federal Ministry of Health anticipates an increase in the contribution rate to 2.1 percentage points in 2014 and 2.5 percentage points in 2030.

The DGB rejects the coalition's plans for private supplementary insurance as nonsensical and highly socially unjust. "Forcing 70 million insured persons to take out private supplementary insurance that cannot even cover their individual and general care needs would be fraudulent on the citizen," explained Annelie Buntenbach. The DGB also rejects the introduction of a flat rate per head for nursing. "It would be an affront if the coalition after the health care reform also freezes the employer's share in long-term care insurance and the burden is once again passed on to the insured." (pm)

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