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Fasting as spring cleaning for the body? Ash Wednesday begins the Lent of Christians. Fasting can also have a number of positive effects on health, but some basic rules should be observed.

Lent is firmly anchored in the various religions and many people occasionally take a fast for health reasons. The personal arguments for not eating are extremely extensive and not every type of fasting has the same positive health effects. In addition, some basic rules must be followed so that fasting can develop its health-promoting effects.

Various reasons for Lent From Ash Wednesday, the 40-day Lent of Christians begins, Muslims fast to Ramadan, Jews on certain festive days, and even in Buddhism, abstaining from food is relatively widespread over a longer period. The goals of fasting in the different religions are extremely similar. Through the inner contemplation, renunciation, humility, penance and reflection, the believers want to find themselves and their God. In addition to religious fasting, therapeutic fasting has also become increasingly important in recent years. The users hope that this will increase their well-being while improving their health. Therapeutic fasting also promises an intestinal cleansing, detoxifying and detoxifying effect.

Therapeutic fasting with positive health effects From a medical point of view, it is particularly important to have sufficient fluid intake during Lent. Also, those affected should not go through flexing and breaking lent, but keep an eye on their physical well-being. Women should avoid fasting during pregnancy. In case of doubt, it is advisable to consult a doctor to rule out possible negative health consequences. In addition, fasting should not be misunderstood as a lightning diet, because a temporary zero diet is rather unsuitable for permanent weight loss due to the well-known yo-yo effect. Fasting, however, is a great way to make your lifestyle a little healthier. The specialist literature in naturopathy also refers to the successes that have already been achieved with fasting cures for chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, allergies, asthma or rheumatism. (fp)

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