BKK for healthcare professions faces bankruptcy

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According to City BKK: Company health insurance company BKK health professions also faces bankruptcy

In addition to the City BKK, another company health insurance company is now threatened with the end: Only a merger with a health insurance company could save the BKK from an impending insolvency for health professionals. Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr (FDP) calls for health insurance association for help. Former City BKK insurers are rejected in large numbers when looking for a new health insurance company.

BKK Heilberufe announces impending insolvency This year could be the year of the dying health insurance companies. For the first time since the introduction of the health fund, a health insurance company had to throw in the towel. City BKK closes on July 1st, 2011. Now another company fund threatens to end prematurely. The BKK for health care professions from Düsseldorf has reported impending bankruptcy to the Federal Insurance Office in Bonn. Due to insufficient allocations of the health fund, steadily growing expenditures in the health system and an aging membership structure with a simultaneous loss of membership, there is a risk of insolvency. The Board of Directors is legally obliged to "draw the attention of the responsible supervisory authority to risks of a possible negative development at an early stage", says a statement. "The board of directors of the BKK for health professions complied with the notification according to § 171b paragraph 2 SGB V."

Income too low and expenditure too high According to the Federal Insurance Office, the BKK for health care professions, in which nurses and social workers are primarily health insured, had announced a possible financial deficit for 2011. According to their own calculations, the contribution allocations for the current year are too small to keep expenditure and income in balance.

Additional contribution was reduced at the end of 2010 At the end of last year, all the signs indicated that the BKK for health care professions had recovered financially. In 2010, the health insurance fund had already made an additional contribution of one percent of the contributory income from its insured persons, and an additional contribution of 10 euros was introduced from January 1st. With the reduction, most members paid around 5 euros less than before. Back then it was said that "BKK for health care professions significantly improved its cost structure in the current year through intensive organizational restructuring measures." After the "turbulence of the year 2010", the head of the cash register Christine had better prospects again Let Löb be announced. Health economists are now criticizing the premature reduction in the additional contribution. After all, even with a reduced additional contribution, it is no longer possible to attract members if most other health insurers do not introduce an additional contribution.

Merger could save health insurance company In order to forestall a closure, the advisory board and the management board decided to find a suitable partner for the merger. The Board of Directors expects that the fusion partner search will be completed by the beginning of June at the latest. Until then, it had been shown whether a willing cash partner is available. It is emphasized that unlike the City BKK, the BKK health care professions are still far from threatening closure. The BKK for health professions claims to have over 127,000 insured persons with an expenditure volume of around 278 million euros per year. Last year around half of all members left the fund due to the additional contribution. The auditors and experts from "Schneider Geiwitz & Partner" loudly estimate that the closure of the BKK health professions will cost around 23 to 24 million euros. These costs would then have to be borne by the association of company health insurance funds (BKK). The BKK health professions emphasized that despite the current situation there are no restrictions on health services.

Closing costs would burden the health insurance system
The Federal Association of BKK Health Insurance Companies is also involved in the search for a new partner. Its spokeswoman, Christine Richter, said on Friday in Berlin that the BKK health professions must have found a suitable partner by the end of May. Otherwise, insolvency threatens in the coming months. It is uncertain whether a partner can actually be found. The association assesses the prospects as “skeptical”. Talks are currently underway with a total of three cash registers. The spokeswoman did not want to reveal what these are. "I don't want to take part in speculation," said judge of the news agency "dapd". "Economically the most sensible would be a merger with grants from the BKK warehouse because closing costs or insolvency costs would very likely be higher."

Insured people are unsettled Many insured members of the BKK for healthcare professions are now afraid that they will be affected in a similar way to the members of the City BKK, who now have to look after a new health insurance company after the closure. Because every day there are piles of reports on how insured requests are rejected in rows. "At first I was told that the health insurance company was full," said one pensioner (69) to "Heilpraxisnet.de". "And now I am advised to go to a company cash register because the approximate benefits predominate there".

Federal Minister of Health Bahr is outraged The removal measures of the health insurance companies could prove to be the first stress test for the new Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr (FDP). In a first statement, the minister was "outraged" and wanted to cheerfully phone Doris Pfeiffer, the chairman of the statutory health insurance association, so that she could say a word of power. Pfeiffer complied with this and said to the press: "All members of the City BKK have the right to choose their new health insurance company." Pfeiffer expects that every insurance company will of course accept every member who makes an application. "Anything else would be unsound and unacceptable."

Rush: Barmer GEK closes service points Apparently the reminder has not arrived in Hamburg. The Barmer GEK announced today that all service points had been closed because the regular rush of former City BKK members could no longer be managed. “We have hundreds of requests every day. Now the employees first have to take care of the concerns of our insured, ”a spokesman for the health insurance fund explained the closure to the" Hamburger Abendblatt ". The domino effect in the health insurance system, which many experts warned about, now seems to be slowly becoming a reality. (sb)

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