Hartz IV: Health insurance companies have to check 1-euro jobs

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Health insurance companies must check whether there is an additionality of one-euro jobs

Hartz IV recipients are often forced to take measures that are called "job opportunities" in German. Since these activities are mostly paid for with one euro per hour, these jobs are also called "one-euro jobs". If unemployment benefit II recipients refuse, the standard rate will be reduced by at least 30 percent. On the other hand, these work opportunities are subject to legal supervision. To prevent the loss of regular jobs, the legislature instructed that these jobs can only be "additional". In reality, however, such guidelines are avoided with a few tricks. Social sponsors such as workers' welfare, diakonia and the Catholic Caritas Association are always at the forefront. There are always arguments about additionality. Especially if the employer has obviously enriched the Hartz IV recipients and could actually have set up a job that is subject to social security contributions.

Those affected should give advice to the health insurance company
This could change a decision of the federal social court in Kassel. According to the decision, the health insurance companies are now being made responsible. These must check whether there is a social security obligation (file number: B 14 AS 98/10 R). For example, in the event of a violation of the additionality of normal employment relationships, the health insurance companies must justify a claim for reimbursement of costs for the person concerned. Harald Thomé, specialist for unemployment and social law: "If the affected people give their health insurance company a note that shows that the additional activity has been violated, they must examine the facts and also check whether the activity was or was not subject to compulsory insurance (§ 28h SGB IV). This means that health insurance companies can also take action against illegal one-euro jobs , the BSG decision and its reasoning should still be awaited. The BSG has expressly provided for this ". (sb)

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