New alliance for phytotherapy founded

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The future of phytotherapy: an alliance with concentrated expertise

Germany used to be considered the "pharmacy of the world". Herbal medicines developed in this country played a significant part in this reputation. However, it is precisely these proven medications that are increasingly under pressure. Renowned organizations in the field of herbal medicine have therefore formed an alliance that bears its most important goal in the name: "Future Phytotherapy".

For years, all surveys have confirmed the population's great trust in herbal medicines. More than 80 percent of those questioned believe that they are effective, every second praises them for their low side effects. Evolution has apparently ensured that beneficial active ingredient mixtures have been created in medicinal plants, which in addition to their effectiveness also ensure good tolerability. That is why most phytopharmaceuticals are over the counter.

However, it was precisely these positive properties that led to herbal medicinal products being largely excluded from the health insurers' obligation to pay: Since 2004, prescription-free medicines - and therefore most phytopharmaceuticals - have not been reimbursed with a few exceptions.

Herbal medicines are under pressure from another side: There are more and more herbal supplements on the market. They are legally foods and are therefore only suitable for maintaining health, but often give the impression that they are comparable to herbal medicinal products. This development threatens z. Phytotherapy is currently massive across the EU. The alliance includes the German Pharmaceutical Society, the Society for Medicinal Plant Research, the Society for Phytotherapy, the Committee for Research on Natural Medicine, the Phytopharmaceutical Cooperation, the Hufeland Society, the Central Association of Physicians for Natural Medicine and the two pharmaceutical manufacturers' associations BPI and BAH. The associations and organizations have formed the "Future Phytotherapy" alliance, which wants to deal intensively with upcoming problems. The Bündins will shortly inform the public about important facts from phytotherapy on its own homepage. (KFN)

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