Detected germs in ice cream and whipped cream

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Sometimes high levels of germs in milk dishes and whipped cream

According to test results from the Hessian State Laboratory in Gießen, a disproportionate number of bacteria were detected in samples of over-the-counter milk ice cream. About one in eight ice cream was objected to in the analysis, as the agency said in a recent press release. Exactly a year ago, seventh ice was contaminated with germs.

The state laboratory in Gießen warns against germs of milk-based ice, which is sold primarily in ice cream parlors in the ice cream cone or mug. This year, the laboratory examined a total of 557 ice samples, of which 64 (12.6 percent) milk ice samples had a high bacterial count. In addition to the ice cream products from Hessian ice cream parlors, cafés, pastry shops and bakeries, the experts also took samples of cream from automatic whipping machines in order to also examine them for possible hygiene defects. Here the testers came up with an even worse test result than with ice cream. Of the 148 samples, 105 were cream samples contaminated with bacteria. This corresponds to a case number of over 71 percent and is therefore no longer acceptable for health authorities. Despite the poor results, the state laboratory points out that there is currently no acute danger to consumers.

Slight decrease in the number of cases compared to the previous year The laboratory examines the ice cream parlors and cafés every summer on behalf of the Hessian government. While a germination rate of 12.6 percent was determined this year, there was a slight decrease compared to the same period last year. “Compared to the previous year (13.6 percent) there was a slight decrease in the complaint rate. The most common types of ice cream taken were nut, chocolate, stracciatella, vanilla and Amarena cherry, ”says the state laboratory.

One of the main reasons for bacteria in dairy foods is not the manufacturing process, but the unsanitary handling during sales and storage. “The main reason for the contamination of ice cream with ice cream is the improper handling of the ice cream scoop. Often the portioner is not washed under running water, but rather immersed in standing water, where the germs multiply quickly, ”said the director of the state laboratory, Prof. Dr. Hubertus Brunn in Giessen. The most common cause of whipped cream sold is inadequate cleaning and disinfection of the whipping devices. "The lack of or insufficient maintenance of the devices or inadequate cooling of the liquid cream also leads to an increase in germs," ​​explained the director.

No health hazard The regulatory authority currently rules out a health hazard. The dangerous listeria bacteria responsible for the outbreak of listeriosis were not found in any sample. Fortunately, no salmonella was found either. The inspectors were only able to detect enterobacteria that indicate hygiene deficiencies in the handling of ice cream and cream. Enterobacteria mainly settle in the intestinal flora of humans and animals. Most germs of this genus are harmless to humans, but some types can trigger nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting in immunocompromised people. "Although there was no serious risk to consumer health despite the bacterial contamination, the samples show that the necessary hygiene rules are not always adhered to," warned the Hesse Minister of Health, Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks (SPD). All results are expected to be presented to the Hessian state parliament next Tuesday. The affected ice cream parlors will receive at least a warning from the food inspection authority. (sb)

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