522 million diabetics worldwide

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International Diabetes Federation warns of a further increase in the metabolic disease diabetes

Globally, doctors, clinics, researchers, patient organizations and Co. provide information about the risks, the spread and new treatment approaches for so-called diabetes on today's World Diabetes Day.

Both the spread of type 1 diabetes (autoimmune disease, in which the insulin-producing beta cells in the organism are destroyed) and type 2 diabetes (so-called adult diabetes due to insulin resistance) have increased significantly in recent decades. As reported by the "International Diabetes Federation" on the occasion of this year's World Diabetes Day, the number of people affected will continue to increase in the coming years and in 20 years, one in ten adults worldwide is likely to suffer from the metabolic disorder.

Around 522 million diabetics worldwide in 2030 The "International Diabetes Federation" presented a report for today's World Diabetes Day in Brussels, according to which in 2030 around 522 million people worldwide will suffer from diabetes. According to their own information, the researchers used their calculations exclusively as the basis for increasing life expectancy. The fact that more and more people worldwide are overweight or obese, which means a significantly increased type 2 diabetes risk, has not been taken into account in the current calculations, according to the "International Diabetes Federation". According to the experts, the number of people affected on the African continent alone will increase massively in the coming years and almost double by 2030. Diabetes is therefore becoming an ever greater health problem worldwide, especially since diabetics are at significantly higher risk of further complications.

Diabetes in Germany has had the status of a common disease for years According to the Federal Statistical Office, around eight million diabetics currently live in Germany, which means that diabetes has long since achieved the status of a common disease. According to the official figures, people in Thuringia in Germany are particularly at risk of dying from the consequences of the metabolic disease. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 35 out of 100,000 people in Thuringia died of diabetes, which corresponds to a share of 4.6 percent of the total deaths. Also in Hesse (4 percent) and Saxony-Anhalt (3.4 percent), a disproportionately large number of people died from the consequences of diabetes, while in North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein diabetes-related deaths accounted for 1.5 percent and one percent of those Overall, deaths were relatively low. Across Germany, the proportion of diabetes-related deaths is 2.7 percent. (fp)

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