The psyche suffers from cancer

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New brochure of the psychosocial cancer advice centers

The diagnosis of cancer is a major shock for patients and their families. All the more important is psycho-oncological care for the cancer patient. The cancer information service of the German Cancer Research Center is presenting a new information sheet on this topic.

Psycho-oncological care indispensable In the case of cancer, physical illnesses are often accompanied by severe psychological problems. The fear of possibly dying from the disease, dealing with the severe pain and the very unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy and other treatment methods, having to cope with everyday life despite the stress - cancer patients have to cope with these and numerous other worries every day. No wonder that many sufferers complain of sleep disorders, anxiety attacks and general stress symptoms. Relatives are often overwhelmed by the situation and want to be there for those affected, even though they themselves feel a great deal of suffering.

Those affected and their relatives can find help in psychosocial cancer counseling centers. The cancer information service of the German Cancer Research Center has published a directory with addresses on its website. Psycho-oncological counseling is also sometimes carried out in clinics.

Cancer is not just cancer Every year, around 450,000 people develop cancer. Cancer is not just cancer. In addition, the disease can vary greatly from patient to patient. This makes it all the more important to provide individual care for those affected that go beyond physical complaints. In addition to advice centers, the exchange in self-help groups can be extremely helpful for patients and relatives. (ag)

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