Strengthen immune defense in cold weather

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Strengthen the immune system

Strengthen the immune system to avoid colds

The freezing cold and freezing wind are currently challenging our defenses every day. A strong immune system is all the more important. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle help to protect yourself against colds.

Counteracting colds with a healthy diet and lifestyle At temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, our immune system is challenged every day. In order to be well armed against colds, the German General Practitioners' Association recommends a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. "Eat a diet rich in vitamins, eat lots of fruits and vegetables," says Thomas Aßmann. In addition, he advises exercise in the fresh air. If you stick to it, you would arm your immune system sufficiently against colds. The specialist in internal medicine recommends that those who want to do more should also take vitamin tablets with trace elements such as iron and zinc as well as vitamin D. Care should be taken not to take any effervescent tablets, since these only contain water-soluble vitamins. Because the fat-soluble vitamins, which include vitamin D, are important.

Stress, alcohol and cigarettes damage the immune system "Alcohol, nicotine, too little sleep and stress damage the immune system", adds Aßmann. Especially on the upcoming carnival days, you should take this into account if you want to stay healthy and fit. The doctor continues: “Go out in the great weather. Pack yourself warm, put on your hat, scarf and gloves and then move around outdoors. “It is important not to overdo it with the movement, because that would also be stressful for the immune system.

Naturopathic procedures to strengthen the immune system There are numerous methods from naturopathy to strengthen the immune system. It should be noted that the immune system does not consist of an organ, but of a complex system, which includes all lymphoid organs, lymphoid tissues, as well as the hormone and nervous system. The psyche also plays an important role in this. Those who have a lot of stress also put a strain on their immune systems. In addition to body defense, something should also be done to strengthen the soul and spirit.

In addition to relaxation exercises such as yoga, tai chi or autogenic training, various herbal remedies and treatment methods are available to improve his mental state and relax. These include Bach flowers, phytotherapy and aromatherapy. The use of Schüssler salts is also recommended by many alternative practitioners.

If it is primarily a matter of physical immune defense, formerly known as "hardening", Kneipp treatments, sauna visits and daily brush massages are recommended. In addition, immunomodulation (change in the immune response) can be carried out. The immune modulators include plants such as aconite (Echinacea) mistletoe, taiga root (eleutherococcus) or the tree of life (thuja), but these are used in certain doses and potentiations in order to develop their modulatory effect. Autologous blood therapy is also used to strengthen the immune system. (ag)

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