Digestive problems after mushroom dishes

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Digestion problems after mushroom dishes: It is better not to eat edible mushrooms raw

Many people suffer from abdominal pain and digestive problems after eating mushrooms. If you suffer from diarrhea, a bloated stomach, a feeling of fullness or stomach pain after eating cultivated mushrooms such as mushrooms, you should not eat the mushrooms raw.

Mushrooms can cause problems after eating. This is because most mushrooms contain large amounts of fiber and the substance chitin. The latter is the cell structure of the mushrooms. Due to the high proportion of fiber, the stomach needs up to five hours for digestion depending on the amount consumed. The chitin contained in the substance can make the stomach hard and cause bloating. If you eat the mushrooms slowly and chew them well, you can minimize the danger. Chitin is not broken down by gastric acid, ferment and bile juices, but almost exclusively excreted by the intestine. People often eat edible mushrooms, the digestive organs get used to it. Then even eating raw mushrooms is no longer a problem if there is no food allergy.

Consumers who otherwise eat little mushrooms or eat little fiber through food should not eat mushrooms raw, as the Bund Deutscher Champignon und Kulturpilzanbauer (BDC) in Bonn explained. Instead, according to the experts, it makes sense to eat the mushrooms fried, braised or cooked. The optimal cooking time is 15 minutes. Naturopathy also recommends adding caraway or fennel to the meal. This makes the food easier to digest.

Mushrooms are very popular due to their dietary value with around 20 kilocalories per 100 grams. In addition, the mushrooms are very nutritious and contain valuable vitamins D, B and B12 as well as the minerals potassium, phosphate and iron. Hardly anyone knows that mushrooms are high in protein, milk and have many essential amino acids. However, if you suffer from gout, you should avoid the mushrooms because they also contain purine. (sb)

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