Moisten the nasal mucosa with saline solutions

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Moisten the nasal mucosa with saline solutions

Nasal sprays clear the nose, but at the same time dry out the mucous membranes. A good alternative are mild saline solutions. They relieve the nose of the annoying runny nose and help to moisturize the nasal mucosa.

Conventional nasal sprays dry the nasal mucosa. Experts recommend mild saline solutions for colds or hay fever instead of conventional nasal sprays. The latter dry out the nasal mucosa so that the nose is freed from the runny nose, but is attacked at the same time. Salt solutions, on the other hand, have a moisturizing effect so that the mucous membranes do not dry out and even healing is promoted, reports Johannes Gottfried Mayer from the research group of monastery medicine at the University of Würzburg. They could also be used preventively, Mayer explains. Because well-moistened nasal mucous membranes protect against the ingress of foreign substances. This is advantageous, for example, for allergy sufferers with hay fever and can alleviate the symptoms.

Salt has been a well-known remedy in naturopathy since ancient times. "Today, bathing in highly saline water - for example in the Dead Sea - or corresponding spas, for example for psoriasis, is used very successfully," explains the expert.

Preventing colds with saline solutions Nasal douches also prevent colds. Ten percent salt solutions (table salt or Emser salt) are very suitable and easy to prepare. Water or herbal preparations can also be used for nasal irrigation. They are sucked directly from the hand through the nostrils. Nasal douches are also available in pharmacies and drugstores. If you use the conditioners more regularly, you should prevent the occurrence of a runny nose. (ag)

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