Store cherries with the stem in a cool place

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Cherries keep longest with a stem and stored cool

Cherries are among the favorites among summer fruit varieties. They are sweet and juicy. The small vitamin bombs contain a lot of vitamin C, which supports the immune system, plenty of B vitamins such as folic acid and the minerals potassium and iron. If cherries with stems are stored cool, they stay fresh the longest.

Cherries no longer ripen after harvesting As the Federal Association of Fruit and Vegetable Organizations (BVEO) reported to the news agency "dpa", cherries keep for up to three days if they are stored in a cool place and the stalk is not removed beforehand. In order not to wash out the aroma, cherries should always be washed with a stem.

The degree of ripeness of the cherry can be seen from how firm and green the style is. If it is limp and yellowish-brown in color, it is a sign of less fresh goods. Since cherries no longer ripen after harvesting, consumers should only buy bright red, fully ripened cherries. According to the BVEO, the pitting of the fruit works best if it stays in the freezer for a few minutes beforehand. The cores were then easier to remove. (ag)

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