Nordic walking helps cardiac patients

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Nordic walking makes sense for heart failure

Nordic walking is a good and gentle sport for heart patients, as the Federal Association of Resident Cardiologists explained. According to the cardiac specialists, a study found that physical strength increased more with Nordic Walking than with hiking without sticks.

Nordic walking is a good sport to train endurance and resilience in heart diseases. A regular training has a particularly effective effect on patients with heart failure (heart failure), as a spokesman for the Federal Association of Resident Cardiologists in Munich reported. Compared to walking without sticks, it is an advantage "that not only the legs, but also the muscles of the upper body and arms are stressed thanks to the use of sticks," explained Dr. Norbert Smetak, Federal Chairman of the Cardiologists Association.

Recently, a study was presented at the Heart Failure Association medical conference in Belgrade, which showed that patients with heart failure can increase their maximum heart rate through continuous training and that there were positive effects during the course of the study on systolic blood pressure, oxygen intake and carbon dioxide release . The results were better than when exercising without sticks, the cardiologist said. In addition, the risk of circulatory disorders and cardiac arrhythmia was significantly lower if Nordic Walking was “done properly”. Even if the test subjects only reached a slow speed, they were still able to achieve effective training.

Before cardiac patients start Nordic Walking again, an in-depth examination should be carried out by a specialist in cardiology. The doctors can use measurement data to create an individual training plan that is then tailored to the respective heart disease. (sb)

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