Eating in the evening doesn't make you fat anymore

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Refuted dietary rule: Eating in the evening does not make you fat

The old dietary rule "like a king in the morning, like a farmer at noon and like a beggar in the evening" does not help you lose weight. The timing of food intake is irrelevant when you lose weight, the more important is the amount of calories that are supplied to the body throughout the day. However, this must also always be considered in relation to energy consumption.

Many people adhere to the rule of thumb when dieting, according to which only small amounts of food should be consumed in the evening. But according to the nutrition expert Gisela Olias from the German Institute for Nutritional Research (DIfE) in Potsdam, this is based on an error. The timing of food intake is not critical to success in losing weight. Rather, the energy balance of the entire day, i.e. the ratio of calorie intake and consumption, is decisive, according to the expert.

The timing of meals is not decisive. In the evening, larger meals are strictly taboo for many slimming people. Supposedly, the evening meal makes you rather fat, according to the statement of the diet rule mentioned above. For breakfast, on the other hand, you should be feasting extensively. However, nutrition experts see these rules as outdated. It is currently still being discussed among experts whether several small or rather a few large meals distributed throughout the day are beneficial for losing weight. In general, however, the experts agree that the timing of food intake is less important than the total intake of calories in relation to the body's energy consumption.

The energy balance is crucial for those who want to lose weight According to Gisela Olias from the German Institute for Nutritional Research, the energy balance of the whole day counts for those who want to lose weight. Under no circumstances could those affected rely on losing weight just by not eating the evening meal. If large amounts of calories are consumed in the morning, starving in the evening is of little help. In the end, the same amount of energy is consumed as with many smaller meals spread over the day. "It is important that the body does not consume more calories throughout the day than it consumes again," the nutrition expert at DIfE told the news agency "dpa". To control this, Olias recommends keeping a nutritional log for a week. All the food consumed is recorded here. The daily calorie consumption can then be determined.

Nutrition protocol as the basis of the diet The nutrition protocol makes those losing weight aware of "where the calories come from and where I could possibly save them", explained the expert. According to the expert, calorie bombs that are most likely to be avoided are, according to the expert Soft drinks such as cola, but also apple juice comes with a relatively high calorie content. 400 kilocalories contains one liter of apple juice, which, according to the expert, is a calorie quantity that hardly contributes to satiety and which can be dispensed with as part of a diet A nutritionist can help evaluate the nutritional protocol if necessary.

Evening meals ensure restless sleep The nutrition expert at DIfE also cleared another widespread misconception about evening meals. The dietary rule that nothing should be eaten at least two hours before going to bed has few consequences for losing weight. The body uses less energy during the night's rest, but since there is no further supply at night, the energy supplied in the morning is quickly reduced when you get up in the morning. Although there is no connection to the success of a diet, there is a reason for not eating before going to bed. Because those who eat shortly before going to bed put a strain on their sleep due to the digestive process. Those affected sleep more restlessly. If you suffer from sleep problems, you should actually take your last meals around two hours before going to bed. (fp)

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