No reproaches when children scratch

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If children scratch, parents should not react with reproaches or punishments

Some children scratch themselves during puberty to relieve emotional tension. If the children injure themselves, parents should not react with accusations, threats or even punishments. According to the German Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (DGKJP), children could continue to come under pressure and the situation could worsen. It is better to seek therapeutic support.

Adolescents and children call this self-harming behavior "cracks", for example. Arms or legs are usually injured with a sharp object. If the mother or father notices self-harming behavior in their child, a recognized counseling center should be consulted before the child is discussed. Therapists teach parents how best to have a conversation with the child. The most important thing is that parents signal that they take the child's concerns seriously and want to help. This was explained by Prof. Jörg Fegert, board member of the German Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (DGKJP).

Scribing often accompanies a mental disorder
Self-injurious behavior is mostly triggered by a mental disorder or occurs with illnesses such as depression, borderline or eating disorders. The children feel high emotional pressure. By self-harm they want to end the inner pressure and unpleasant feelings.

"If children are ready to talk, parents should encourage them to accept therapeutic help," says child and adolescent psychiatrist Fegert. During the course of therapy, the causes of self-harm are looked for. During the treatment, the children learn instead of using destructive, constructive coping strategies. (sb)

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