Typing: Blood stem cell donation saves lives

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Large typing campaign for Sabrina suffering from leukemia in Kassel

Sabrina from Kassel, suffering from leukemia, continues to fight for her life. The 22-year-old urgently needs a blood stem cell donation. To find a suitable donor, a large-scale typing campaign is planned for next Saturday in the Markuskirche in Kassel.

With typing, suitable donors for blood stem cells can be found
Sabrina suffers from a particularly aggressive form of leukemia. To save the life of the 22-year-old woman, she needs a blood stem cell transplant as soon as possible. So far, however, no suitable donor has been found whose tissue characteristics match those of Sabrina. Therefore, a typing campaign will take place next Saturday, November 3, in the Markuskirche, Richard-Wagner-Straße 6 A in Kassel. The campaign is supervised by Andrea Lautenschläger from the German stem cell donor database in Frankfurt.

Anyone who has already been typed should not give a blood sample a second time on Saturday. "This only creates confusion," explains the expert. In addition, an unnecessary second typing creates additional costs, which should be avoided. Each blood sample would incur about 50 euros in laboratory costs. "We urgently need financial help in order to be able to carry out all typing," explains Lautenschläger. It is also important that people who have already been typed and have moved have to give their new address to the regional donor database. If a person with an outdated address is identified as a donor, the address can be determined via the Residents' Registration Office. When typing, everyone signs a corresponding declaration of consent, according to the expert.

Similar characteristics of donor and recipient for blood stem cell transplantation as possible
Typing "only takes a small amount of blood from the potential donor". Then "certain tissue characteristics, the so-called HLA types, are examined in the laboratory". Because of the countless possibilities of tissue feature combinations, the search for a suitable donor is often very difficult. The success of a blood stem cell transplant largely depends on the accuracy of the HLA characteristics of sender and recipient. With each discrepancy in the HLA characteristics, the risk increases that the transplanted cells fail to grow successfully and the patient becomes ill, for example, with a so-called graft-versus-host (GvH) reaction. This is a rejection reaction through which the transplanted immune cells classify and fight the patient's organs as foreign. If a rejection reaction cannot be controlled with medication, it can lead to the patient's death.

Donations for typing If you want to financially support the typing campaign for Sabrina, you can make a donation on Saturday or make a transfer to the following account: German stem cell donor file / ARGE-KMSB, Deutsche Bank Frankfurt
Account number: 723 6680 10, bank code: 500 700 24, purpose: Sabrina S. (ag)

Image: Herbert Käfer / pixelio.de

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