Emergency medical service saved in Bavaria

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Threatening joint book of the emergency medical service in Bavaria averted

The emergency doctor care in Bavaria is secured. Since the summer, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bavaria (KVB) and the health insurance companies have been fighting over the financing of the medical emergency service. The KVB had warned of an out of emergency medical care should the health insurance companies not provide the doctors who do the emergency service with greater financial support.

On the mediation of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, the health insurance companies and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bavaria have now agreed on a compromise, which provides for additional funds to be provided by the health insurance companies until March 31, 2013 to secure emergency doctor fees. The dispute over the payment of emergency medical care is thus settled for the time being. Both sides have also committed "to make every effort to complete the pending arbitration by the end of the transition period," the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior said.

Emergency medical care initially secured to the present extent In addition to the agreement on the financing of emergency medical care, the KVB and the health insurance companies have also temporarily mitigated the problem of “emergency doctor entitlements expiring at the end of the year by emergency doctors remaining active until June 30, 2013 on the basis of the previously granted privileges can, ”reports the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior. This means that the emergency medical care will initially remain as it was.

Compromise between health insurance companies and doctors The chairman of the working group of emergency physicians working in Bavaria, Peter Sefrin, welcomed the provisional agreement with the health insurance companies and said on Friday in Würzburg to the news agency "dpa" that it can be assumed that the emergency medical service will now use the Holidays are secured throughout Bavaria. However, a final agreement on the financing of the emergency service for doctors must be reached in the arbitration proceedings that are still ongoing. It remains to be seen whether the medical profession will be so satisfied with the result to be achieved here. However, essential points of mutual criticism were settled with the compromise achieved in the interests of patient health. (fp)

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