Sartans protect against dementia

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Sartans significantly reduce the risk of dementia

Sartan therapy is the best protection against dementia in patients with high blood pressure. Researchers found that good blood pressure control could prevent every second dementia disease. The cognitive performance before death is also better.

Geriater around Dr. Ihab Hajjar of the University of Los Angeles took a closer look at the results of brain autopsies from 890 hypertensives from a national database.

In the cases examined, doctors had diagnosed Alzheimer's disease in 41 percent of 133 people who died with sartan therapy before death. Of the 577 hypertensives with other antihypertensive drugs, 53 percent were affected and 62 percent of 180 untreated patients with hypertension.

The neuropathological findings largely confirmed the differences in clinical assessments and diagnoses before death. Depending on the criteria, age and other risk factors used, a definite diagnosis of Alzheimer's was 32 to 35 percent less common in hypertensives with sartans than in high-pressure patients with other therapeutic agents and 40 to 45 percent less than in hypertensives without therapy. (Original source: Ihab Hajjar et al. Impact of Angiotensin Receptor Blockers on Alzheimer Disease Neuropathology in a Large Brain Autopsy Series. Arch Neurol. 2012; 69 (12): 1632-1638. Doi: 10.1001 / archneurol.2012.1010.)

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