Authorities warning: rat poison found in Romaine lettuce

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Authorities have found rat poison in Romaine lettuce and have started a recall

Free grocers and a market bought Romaine lettuce from a wholesaler in Frankfurt am Main. A rat poison was found in the salad during a food safety check. Consumers who have eaten this salad should see a doctor quickly to rule out serious illnesses.

Food warning by the authorities The health authorities warn in a recent message about the consumption of Romaine lettuce from Italy. “The product used is the rat poison Raticid. If the contaminated salad has been consumed, a doctor should be consulted urgently ”. The fruit and vegetable wholesaler Özdemir from the Frankfurt wholesale market has recalled the salad with the name "ortofrutticola La Trasparenza" due to the toxic find. A recall was also reported on the “Food Warning” portal of the federal states and the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety.

According to a spokesman for the regulatory authorities, the affected salad "could show traces of rat poison in the form of small blue granules". The contaminated lettuce was delivered in staircases, each with 12 heads, to individual “flying dealers in the Rhine-Main area and to the Istanbul market in Offenbach”.

Some salad boxes are still in circulation
According to the authorities, the dealer discovered the blue rat poison grains himself. After the find, the greengrocer immediately informed the food inspection, reports a spokesman for the health department. "104 out of 110 vegetable crates were destroyed on the wholesale market". So far, two boxes that were delivered to Offenbach have been destroyed. Another box was most likely bought by a customer. Four other boxes had gone to a vegetable middleman. After that, these were probably also sold to consumers.

Consumers who have already bought the salad should destroy it immediately and never eat it. Anyone who has already eaten the salad should immediately consult a doctor or a clinic to have poisoning clarified.

Rat poison affects health Rat poison can only be detected in humans after approximately six to eight hours after consumption. If the poison was ingested once in a minimal dose, the poison may cause bleeding. Hemorrhagic diathesis, for example, causes spontaneous bleeding that is difficult to stop or the nose begins to bleed for no apparent reason. If rat poison is fed more frequently through food intake, patients can expect bleeding tendencies that are long and lasting up to eight months. The Poison Control Centers also answer further questions about the salad. (sb)

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