Healers infected HIV patients

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A self-proclaimed healer in Switzerland intentionally infected at least 13 people with the hi-virus

A music teacher who sees himself as a healer has infected at least 16 of his supposed patients in Switzerland with the hi-virus. A court has now sentenced the accused to 13 years in prison. The Swiss himself sees no culpable offense in his actions and showed no regrets during the negotiation. Rather, the infected would have infected themselves through their own actions.

In Switzerland, a 54-year-old music teacher who defines himself as a healer apparently infected at least 16 people with the AIDS virus HIV and some with the hepatitis C virus. A Swiss court sentenced the accused to almost 13 years in prison based on the evidence. The man, who comes from Berne, took the judgment, which had not yet become final, according to newspaper reports "without any remorse and calmly". The "healer" denies any guilt and instead blames the formerly treated.

Motive for the crime remains unclear It remains unclear why the man injected the virus according to previous knowledge during his "healing sessions". The defendant did not answer this question in court.

One of the victims is a businessman with Swiss-Italian citizenship. Because he suffered from severe migraines, headaches and a mild form of epilepsy, he went to the "healer" on the recommendation of a friend. The music teacher explained on site that the complaints could be alleviated with "a special acupuncture". In the convict's living room, the victim should lie on his stomach and fix a stone in the room with his eyes. When the patient did this, he felt “a slight stab in the back. After that, the treatment was over, ”the witness confirmed in court.

What the "patient" did not know, the injection needle was contaminated with the AIDS-causing HI virus. Even the acquaintance who had come to a consultation with the "miracle healer" knew nothing of this. Eventually, she herself became the victim of the accused and also got an HIV infection from an alleged therapy. The woman also stated in court that the accused "depended".

However, the music teacher cannot understand all the excitement. He sees himself wrongly accused. Despite the process, he continues to work as a music teacher. But because he says there was a "bad press", he only had one music student to teach. The 54 year old is a private teacher for music.

Perpetrator denies deed The "healer" stated in court that he had not infected the victims. Rather, they would have been infected with the AIDS virus through unprotected sexual intercourse or drug use. According to him, the clinic that treated the victims had "actively roused the victims". In his opinion, many of his supposed patients are "jealous of the house". In addition, he was never able to take infected blood and store it. He was also unable to do this because of his “fear of blood”. However, the investigation showed that he drained the blood of an HIV-positive for years. He told the infected that he would bring about a cure.

Urs Herren, chairman of the court, said on Friday that the accused was “unscrupulous, underhanded, senseless and inhumane”. Some victims assume that the music teacher infected them out of greed. "Probably he infected me to make money with the promised healing".

The businessman became infected in 2004. After his visit, the manager said, he felt weak. He then found out about his infectious disease in a clinic. In the meantime, he has developed the AIDS immunodeficiency disorder. First, the attending senior doctor advised against a criminal complaint. Because the thesis is difficult to prove, so the doctor at the time. But the victim was undeterred. "It was clear to me that if we didn't turn on the police, there would be more victims." Medical examinations also revealed that the HI virus came from the same pathogen strain in the different infected individuals.

The number of unreported victims is even higher? To this day, many victims keep their infection secret out of shame. “Reporters who watched the process had to undertake not to publish the victims' names. For this reason, only invited journalists were admitted to the trial. "Many victims keep the infection secret to this day." I don't want my family to suffer the consequences, said the injured businessman. Others did not join the process request at all. Some came from the immediate family environment of the perpetrator. The process lasted a total of 14 days and was followed with great attention by the media in Switzerland. The defendant now wants to appeal and will not accept the verdict. (sb)

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