Anti-Diet Day: Facts speak against diets

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Facts speak against diets

There are more and more overweight and obese people in Germany. Diets are increasing the number, critics warn on May 6, the anti-diet day. In some cases, the diets can also lead to serious illnesses, experts warn.

More than half of Germans too fat 67 percent of men and 53 percent of women in Germany weigh too much. According to the federal government, more than half of the population is too fat. The numbers come from a study by the Robert Koch Institute last year. In comparison to the Nutrition Report 2008 of the German Society for Nutrition, it becomes clear that around one in five adults is obese. Solving obesity with the help of diets usually does not lead to success. The emaciated pounds are usually back faster than feared. Many react to this with a new diet. This can create a so-called yo-yo effect, a cycle of hunger, loss of self-control, veritable cravings with eating attacks and a renewed diet with hunger. The Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA) warns that diets can even lead to serious eating disorders. Its director, Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Pott explains: "Regular or uncontrolled diets can lead to a serious illness such as bulimia or binge eating." Binge eating is an eating disorder in which uncontrolled food is stuffed into itself and, unlike bulimia, is not subsequently vomited. Eating behavior occurs especially among young people. There is evidence of this in about every third girl between the ages of 14 and 17. The boys are somewhat less noticeable at 13.5 percent.

Self-mortification through diets mostly pointless Since 1992, the International Anti-Diet Day has taken place on May 6th. The author, Mary Evans Young from Great Britain, had launched him at the time and aimed to draw attention to the danger that dieting can lead to eating disorders. With the "International No Diet Day", Ms. Young, who suffered from anorexia herself, also made a plea not to run after a lean beauty craze and to accept her own body. On this date, the Freiburg sports medicine specialist Dr. Michael Lehmann: "Self-mortification through dieting is usually not only senseless, but also risky." Dieting leads to more obese people. In addition to a balanced diet, sport is also extremely important for a desired weight loss. The doctor advises cycling. "Cycling is stimulating." the metabolism, "says Lehmann," and is particularly suitable for overweight people. "When cycling, the joints are relieved because the body weight is carried by the bike. In addition, the general rule is that you lose weight when more calories are burned than ingested. "If this energy balance is correct, no diet is necessary." Both for the regular sporting activities and for the long-term change in diet, you have to adhere to your own rules in order to lose weight successfully.

Man eats what he likes Professor Dr. med. Andreas FH Pfeiffer, head of the clinical nutrition department at the German Institute for Nutritional Research (DIfE) Potsdam-Rehbrücke and head of the department for endocrinology, diabetes and nutrition at the Charité, explains: “Nutritional concepts for long-term weight control have been developed in numerous studies, but have so far failed with the majority of people in practice. ”He further explains:“ In the long term, people eat what they like best and it is extremely difficult to change dietary patterns. ”The problem is that for many people, those that are particularly high in fat and sugar Foods that are very high in energy have an attractive taste. In order to counteract an increase in obesity and related diseases such as diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular diseases, healthier, lower-energy foods would have to be developed, but they would also fill you up. "These would be beneficial for patients with sugar metabolism disorders as well as for healthy people," says Pfeiffer. The development of soups, pasta, baked goods, bread and snacks, which contain a higher proportion of vegetable proteins and insoluble, non-fermentable fiber, are examples of this According to the results of several studies, a diet that is low in vegetable fat, lean and vegetable protein, lots of vegetables and a low glycemic index can most successfully support permanent weight loss. According to the Vegetarian Federation of Germany (Vebu ) a vegetarian diet can help you lose excess weight. (sb)

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