Genetically modified vegetables in organic baby food

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Wiso: Genetically modified vegetables discovered in baby food: Hipp and Demeter affected

Especially in organic baby food, no genetically modified food should be processed. So-called CMS hybrids (cytoplasmic male sterility) have now been detected in products from Hipp and Demeter.

These changed seeds do not pollinate themselves, which leads to a more profitable harvest and which are also used by organic farmers. The ZDF magazine "WISO" found samples of genetically modified vegetables in organic baby food. The two companies in particular strictly reject genetic engineering. Genetically modified vegetables were found in all samples of the Demeter-Holle baby food "broccoli with whole grain rice".

Almost a quarter of the Hipp samples tested found “WISO”. For the investigation, “WISO” had a total of 37 samples of organic baby food from the brands Demeter, Hipp, Alnatura and Bioland examined in various cities and on the Internet. Only the samples from Alnatura and Bioland did not contain any genetically modified components.

Demeter and Hipp want to conduct their own tests "WISO" had already carried out an investigation two months ago and found that frozen cauliflower from the Demeter brand Natural Cool had been genetically modified. Demeter reacted immediately and took the product off the market. Based on the new results, Demeter now declared that he wanted to carry out his own investigations in order to obtain his own "legally binding analysis results". The Demeter board member Alexandriner Gerber says: "If it turns out that there was no Demeter broccoli in the baby jars tested by" WISO ", we will remove this product from the market". The Hipp company also announced that it would take action to ensure that in the future there would be “no traces” of genetically modified vegetables. "We will tighten up the analyzes," said managing director Johannes Doms.

Vegetable varieties are so-called CMS hybrids. The BÖLW organic food industry prohibits the cultivation of genetically modified vegetables. "If we issue a ban, we must also ensure that it is enforced," said BÖLW chairman Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein. Tests with farmers, processors and retailers are therefore necessary. Seed labeling is necessary to maintain standards. More detailed information will be presented by “WISO” moderator Martin Leutke on Monday (7:25 pm). (fr)

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