Compensate for the weakening eyesight

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If eyes get worse, it can be compensated

Wearing eyesight is primarily a medical problem. If this leads to professional restrictions, the person concerned should inform themselves at the first sign and possibly resort to aids such as a larger monitor or special glasses. Very good advice is offered by specialized opticians or rehabilitation facilities. Here you can find out what aids are possible so that you can continue to work despite deteriorating eyesight.

According to Michael Herbst from the German Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired, magnifying glasses, a larger computer monitor or a screen reader can help those affected. If these aids are no longer sufficient, the employee will most likely have to take a break from work and learn new work techniques. The professional development agency offers several options. The techniques include operating a computer with a braille display and voice output and controlling operation via mouse clicks instead of key commands. This gives people with severe visual impairment the opportunity to continue doing PC work. (fr)

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