Washing hands makes us more optimistic

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Washing hands obviously affects the psyche

Regular and thorough hand washing is important because it is not just about cleaning visible dirt, but also about removing invisible pathogens. But that's not all, because as the qualified psychologist Kai Kaspar from the University of Osnabrück has now found out, washing your hands obviously also has an impact on your psyche.

Osnabrück-based researcher conducts study on the psychology of body cleansing Washing your hands regularly can prevent many diseases and infections, because viruses and bacteria can quickly multiply and spread through daily routines such as shaking hands or touching toilet lids or keyboards. In addition to cleaning, hand washing obviously does more, because it also affects the psyche of humans. The scientist Kai Kaspar came to this result in a study in which he examined the connection between cleanliness, optimism and success.

Optimism among handwashers significantly greater For the study “on the psychology of body cleaning”, the researcher examined a total of 98 test subjects who were supposed to master an unsolvable task in the first step. The group then split into half who washed their hands after the failure and one who did not wash. The result: Although both groups were optimistic that they would achieve a better result on the second attempt, optimism was much more pronounced among those who had washed their hands, according to Kai Kaspar in an article in the journal “Social Psychological and Personality Science ".

Washing hands helps to "complete a thing mentally." Despite the optimistic attitude, the test subjects did not achieve more success in the second attempt, instead, those who had washed their hands solved the tasks now even worse than the comparison group: "The Results show that physical cleansing after a failure increases optimism, but inhibits future performance in the same area of ​​responsibility […]. Furthermore, the impact of physical cleansing on higher cognitive processes doesn't always seem to be positive, but it does help to complete one thing, ”the psychologist added. It can be assumed that washing hands can help “wash away” the negative feelings of failure - at the same time, this cleaning process would also lead to a decrease in motivation and less effort. (No)

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