Jungle camp for homeopaths

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Television notice: The jungle camp for homeopaths

A documentary about Robert Müntz, who specializes in finding rare raw materials for homeopathic medicines and producing the remedies, is running on 3Sat at 9:45 p.m. this evening.

He milks poisonous tarantulas in the Amazon rainforest, catches piranhas on the Rio Negro, or tackles dangerous rapids on a river in Borneo to find rare orchids. Robert Müntz from Eisenstadt travels to remote areas of the world to find the raw materials of plants and animals for new homeopathic medicines.

In July 2012 Robert Müntz set off on his 11th Amazon expedition into the Peruvian jungle south of Iquitos. His main goal was to bring the poison of the lachesis (bushmaster snake) home. During this trip he was visited by the Dutch doctor and homeopath Dr. Jan Scholten accompanies. (pm)

Picture: ORF / seagull film / Katrin Filenius

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Video: Ray Mears Bushcraft S01E02 - Jungle Camp

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