James Bond with alcohol and potency problems

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British doctors: James Bond - alcoholics with potency problems

British doctors have investigated the secret behavior of secret agent James Bond. The study found that 007 drinks too much and has to fear potency problems. It is also reported that migraines shaped Richard Wagner's music.

Alcoholic 007 should rethink his drinking behavior Shaken, not stirred! One of the most famous sayings in film history. However, according to British doctors, the legendary secret agent James Bond has consumed far too many martinis and, as an alcoholic, should urgently rethink his drinking behavior. Patrick Davies of Nottingham University, along with colleagues, looked through Ian Fleming's James Bond novels and counted and counted the number of times 007 reached for the glass. The result of the not very serious study was published in the current issue of the British Medical Journal.

Five bottles of wine in one day The doctors calculated that the agent consumes an average of 92 alcohol units per week. This is equivalent to 30 vodka martini, ten bottles of wine or four times what British health authorities recommend as an upper limit. The climax was reached in the book "Greetings from Moscow": 007 had consumed 50 units in one day, ie 16 martinis or five bottles of wine. The agent's health is massively endangered. Among other things, threatened erectile dysfunction. “His risk of suffering from sexual dysfunction is high. That could have a significant impact on his constant history of women, ”said the researchers. James Bond also has an increased risk of high blood pressure, depression, liver cancer and cirrhosis.

Laughter is not always healthy The British Medical Journal (BMJ) also deals with the dangers of laughter in its special Christmas issue. The researchers headed by Robin Ferner from the University Hospital Birmingham write in the technical article that laughing is by no means always healthy. Laughter reduces the risk of heart attack, burns calories vigorously and increases fertility in women under certain circumstances. In extreme cases, however, excessive laughter can also cause heart problems and lead to incontinence or an asthma attack. According to the researchers, humor is generally low risk and can also be beneficial.

Wagner composed with a headache. Laughter would have done Richard Wagner well, the composer suffered from migraines. An article in the BMJ is also devoted to this topic. According to scientists around the Kiel pain researcher Hartmut Göbel, Wagner used his severe headache creatively. The researchers cite Wagner's opera "Siegfried" as an example. This begins with an increasing, pulsating drumming, which ends in an "almost painful, rhythmic beating". The main character screams at the climax: “Compulsive plague! Effortlessly! ”The scientists believe that the composer processed a migraine attack in this episode. While Wagner was working on "Siegfried", he complained of a headache. The music has the characteristics of a typical migraine attack.

Probably pure invention In contrast, James Bond is in excellent health despite his lifestyle. Even after countless martinis, he was still able to master very complicated tasks and was extremely vital, according to the British researchers, and concluded: "This is probably a pure invention." They also dared to make a prognosis regarding the agent's life expectancy. Regardless of the dangers posed by his numerous enemies, he should not survive his author. Ian Fleming died at the age of 56 after a life rich in alcohol and cigarettes. (ad)

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